Refugees Welcome? Reflections during Refugee Week 2016

Rachel Pidgeon is senior communications executive at Matter&Co, a partner to the European Social Innovation Competition.

A citizen-led movement is our chance to help encourage refugee integration.

Refugee Week takes place every year across the world in the week …

How is Europe supporting the integration of refugees and migrants?

The European Social Innovation Competition has announced 30 semi-finalists in this year’s contest: Integrated Futures. The diversity of approaches and the countries they come from demonstrate the dynamic and thoughtful ways in which Europeans are supporting the reception and …

Don't help newcomers, empower them instead

This is a guest post from Tessa de Geus. Tessa is an advisor on social and urban innovation at Kennisland, consortium partners of the European Social Innovation Competition 2016, which this year has the theme ‘Integrated Futures’. This blog