Essential Info

  • Semi-finalist: Citizen Guides
  • Country: Croatia
  • Field: Community Cohesion and Cultural Diversity
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Citizen Guides


Citizen Guides is a new app that matches refugees with their personal guides to a new society, based on interests they share. Citizen Guides is an EU-wide platform and app that matches citizens willing to volunteer with refugees, based on their interests/professions. EU citizens create a profile about themselves and commit to a one-month volunteering contract. A refugee searches through the profiles and matches with a person who they would like to be their guide. This gives refugees the opportunity to shadow an EU citizen at work and in their social life, which would give them a more personal insight into their new society. By using new and innovative technology the project aims to connect people based on common interests rather than differences and will enable refugees a personalised, humane and diverse channel into European societies.

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