Essential Info

  • Semi-finalist: Migrantour
  • Country: Italy
  • Field: Community Cohesion and Cultural Diversity
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Migrantour helps refugees, asylum seekers and the public to discover European cities with migrant companions. Migrantour is a European network of intercultural walking tours in 14 cities led by migrant citizens. Specifically trained, they act as mediators to help the public and migrants in discovering neglected neighbourhoods, addressing historical, social, economic, religious aspects to enhance mutual respect and intercultural understanding. Tours led by migrants are a powerful tool to foster the integration of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers. Itineraries focus on the cultural richness brought by migration, as well as local services, knowledge of different cultures and the history of the receiving country, thus promoting social cohesion and sense of belonging to the local community. Photo credit: Giovanna Burgos  

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