Essential Info

  • Semi-finalist: Pitlanes
  • Country: Belgium
  • Field: Education & Skills Development
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Pitlanes is the social neighbourhood garage that kick starts integration. Pitlanes neighbourhood garage welcomes long term unemployed, refugees and immigrants in a friendly, secure working environment. Pitlanes provides a place to learn and work and is a stepping stone towards a job in the private sector. Learning the language, working and being part of a community gives a boost to self-esteem and makes integration easier. We believe in integration through work and being part of a brighter future. Lack of mobility is often an issue when it comes to finding work in the private sector. That’s why Pitlanes allows workers who have proven to be motivated and have reached the Pitlanes standard to pick a second hand car. When they are not fixing paying customers cars or learning new skills, they can work on their own car. If they manage to get their car up and running and find a regular new job, the car is theirs.

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