Essential Info

  • Semi-finalist: Share your Time (Podziel sie czasem)
  • Country: Poland
  • Field: Employment & Entrepreneurship

Share your Time


An unusual bank where time that people give each other is the only currency. The idea is a ‘time bank’ linking immigrants and non-immigrants in a self-help exchange network involving the provision of their services free of charge (cleaning, ironing, translation, etc.) Participants who register in the time bank declare what work he or she can carry out for other participants. The only ‘currency’ in the exchange will be time dedicated to this work. One hour devoted to another participant can ‘earn’ an hour for which an hour can be bought from another participant to pay for what he or she offers. Such a system breaks down a donor – recipient scheme, since everybody acts as both, offering the time bank community whatever they can do. Photo credit: Mark Morgan

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