Essential Info

  • Semi-finalist: Ssyla Digital Therapy Platform
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Field: Mental and Psychosocial Health

Ssyla Digital Therapy Platform


Ssyla is a secure platform/mobile application which connects migrants and refugees with a global network of therapists, who provide real-time video therapy sessions focused on their specific mental and psychosocial health needs. Many migrants and refugees experience significant psychological issues in their journey to Europe and in the conditions in which they may be held in transit or at their desired destination. Such issues frequently act as barriers to socio-cultural integration into new communities and contexts. Ssyla aims to dramatically expand the number of therapeutic services available by delivering them through a digital platform. Ssyla enables remotely located therapists to interact with migrants and refugees wherever they are, through any connected digital device from an individual smartphone to a laptop in a support facility or social centre.

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