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Solidarity Salt


Solidarity Salt is a new social enterprise that empowers refugee women in Greece while boosting the local economy by selling Greek sea salt to the global market.

Refugees in Greece face tremendous challenges and talking about employment integration in a country with extreme unemployment is a real challenge. Solidarity Salt aims to tackle this problem and develop one of the first models in Greece that creates employment opportunities and build a replicable working scheme for other businesses to follow. Solidarity Salt will employ refugee women for both unskilled and skilled work. By buying the sea salt from the Greek Salinas, Solidarity Salt will ensure that both the local Greek and refugee population benefit from the project. Each bag of Solidarity Salt will carry the profile and story of its maker. The salt will be sold through traditional retailers, an e-shop and a subscription service. The ultimate goal is to build respect and care for a better future and the plan is to start with the basics; start small and start today.

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