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  • Semi-finalist: The Design to Improve Life Challenge
  • Country: Denmark
  • Field: Education and Skills Development
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The Design to Improve Life Challenge


European schoolchildren design solutions which change the way people in their local areas see migrants so that they view them not as refugees but as fellow citizens. The Design to Improve Life Challenge is a scalable, educational, design-based learning format to involve schoolchildren all over the EU in solving the refugee crisis. Schools are our greatest reserve of talent when it comes to social innovation, but children are never involved in finding solutions to global challenges. The format has been successfully tested in prototype: Helsingør Town Council asked the town’s 6 700 schoolchildren to design solutions to the challenge of moving “From Refugee to Fellow Citizen”. The whole school system took part and designed hundreds of solutions, and then 250 children competed to see who would win the prizes. The finalists are now being put before the Town Council, which will decide how the children’s solutions for turning refugees into fellow citizens are to be put into practice. Photo credit: Jørgen Ebbesen

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