Essential Info

  • Semi-finalist: WeDoCare
  • Country: Portugal
  • Field: Community Cohesion and Cultural Diversity
  • Webpage



WeDoCare is a mobile app that aims to detect violent attacks against users through a scream detector, using machine learning and signal processing algorithms to infer emergency situations by processing data from the smartphone’s microphone and accelerometer. It takes advantage of these mechanisms to help people by warning nearby citizens that someone is in danger. The application can use the internet to transmit alarms but, if no network is available, an innovative beacon system with a range of up to 60 meters can also be used. When one user helps another, a connection is established and the app facilitates the trading of contact information, supporting integration and socialisation. Helpful locations, like hospitals or police stations, are shown on a map. The map also shows zones where attacks occur more often so users can avoid these areas. Thus, migrants are able to avoid these sites and, at the same time, discover essential locations, establishing and locating themselves in their new city.

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