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  • Semi-finalist: Horizont Impact Recruiting(HIRE)
  • Country: Germany
  • Field: Employment and Entrepreneurship
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Horizont Impact Recruiting (HIRE)


Horizont Impact Recruiting (HIRE) is a non-profit initiative which aims to support the integration of newcomers into the German workforce and society by facilitating the relationship between newcomers and employers. HIRE connects newcomers to employment, which matches their interests and talents and supports them through the entire job search by providing CV advice, job matching, mentoring, and legal support. For employers, HIRE facilitates the connection to a new talent-pool of competent and highly motivated workers. Through an innovative combination of personal support and an online platform, HIRE empowers newcomers in their job search and builds a bridge between motivated newcomers and companies with interest in combining corporate social responsibility and hiring needs. HIRE provides guidance through a step-by-step visualisation and personal support for both the employer and the newcomer to ensure a successful match and a successful integration into the workforce. Not only can newcomers fill the open positions of companies, they also bring their own ideas, viewpoints, and experiences creating diversity in the German workforce. HIRE views work as one of the main drivers for integration for a number of reasons. In working together, locals and newcomers challenge negative images seen in the media. Working together supports newcomers to learn the local language. Finally, work provides newcomers a path to being self-sufficient and to be part of, and contribute to, a community.  

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