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  • Semi-finalist: Glocal Community
  • Country: Italy
  • Field: Community Cohesion and Cultural Diversity
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Glocal Community


Glocal Community provides both a local and global living space by regenerating abandoned villages and founding communities based on the work and reception of migrants/refugees and Italian families. Glocal Community intends to evaluate and re-populate abandoned and isolated places by responding to the need to accommodate thousands of migrant families and Italian families in difficulty. Glocal Communities are villages based on agriculture and tourism. Their inhabitants are migrant/refugee families with minors, Italian families of lower socio-economic status with minors, Italian retired workers and unemployed young Italians. The project encourages integration through cohabitation between migrants and local people, farm work in state-owned land surrounding the villages, work on promoting the villages to tourists, language and training courses and the reception and education of minors.

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